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The Heart's Eye

Nate, an oblivious romantic gets unsuspectingly dumped by his girlfriend. While trying to cope with the break-up, he enters his lucid dream world and meets Mel, a mysteriously familiar person. He ends up falling in love with her as they share genuine magical moments. When he wakes up he gradually starts questioning what any of it meant with the people he meets as he tries to wrap his head around what love truly means.​


Director's Statement

While in deep contemplation about the human psyche, I randomly wondered; "where does love come from?". It was this inquisitive curiosity that lead me to thinkers like Carl Jung and his notion of the Anima and Animus. This birthed an interesting what if. What if one confronts this archetype? This perfect archetype that is a reflection of the contours of the individual psyche. What if someone were to fall in love with it? There was a film idea I wanted to explore. It was a perplexing journey of reflection into the nature of Love and Archetypes that inspired me to make this film.


Director of Photography

Shivashish Ahuja

Originally from Mumbai, India, Shivashish moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of being a cinematographer. His professional work ethic played a huge role in bringing the project‘s vision to life.



Behind the Scenes

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